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G.C. Rutteman & Co. was founded by Gerard Cornelis Rutteman in 1922. Scope of activities: Import and export of oils. Our office was destroyed during World War II. In 1941 our company moved to the newly built Beursgebouw, the later World Trade Center. A strategical location in the city centre of Rotterdam.

Mr. G.C. Rutteman retired from the company in 1966 and the management (has been) passed on to the successive generations. Today the company is managed by H.C. (Kees) Rutteman.

In the early days our market consisted of many small paint factories, which were supplied with oils by us. Through the years many of these factories were closed. Our market became too small. We extended our product range to prevent us from becoming too dependent on one industry.

Nowadays our activities consist of importing, exporting and distributing rosins, turpentines, vegetable oils, fatty acids and their derivatives for all kind of technical applications worldwide. We primarily supply to the adhesive, construction, coatings, printing ink, soap and rubber industry.

Since 1922 and still growing strong.