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Castor Oil - low water content

Castor Oil ‘Partially Demoistured’, is a water-reduced, non-drying, refined oil won from the seeds of "Ricinus communis L." which is different to other vegetable oils due to its special molecular structure.

Because of the low water content (max. 0,15%) the dried quality especially is suitable to be used as polyol component - pure or as mixture with synthetic polyols - in polyurethane systems. Applications fields are for example PU-casting systems, foams, adhesives, sealants and coatings. In coatings it is especially suitable for transparent systems as in most cases no molecular sieve needs to be added. In addition to the above mentioned applications, Castor Oil PU-Quality is used in industry paints based on ricinene-alkyds and in the plastics, fibre, textile and leatherauxiliaries industry.

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