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Castor Oil - pharma grade

Pharmaceutical refined castor oil is obtained from the seeds of "Ricinus communis L.". It is pressed without addition of heat (at max. 50 °C) and not solvent extracted. The following refinery (degumming, deacidification, bleaching) guarantees a constant high quality. The oil complies with the monography "Castor oil, refined" of the current version of the European

Pharmaceutical refined castor oil is an important raw material in the production of pharmaceuticals where it serves as substrate in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients or as excipient in products like eye drops, coated tablets, ointment formulations and as solubilizer for hormonal active ingredients. Cosmetic formulations benefit from its positive skin-conditioning and emollient properties and the stabilizing
effect in emulsions when used in lipsticks, lotions and other personal care
Besides it is applied as polyol in the production of polyurethane resins with a
high demand for purity and smell. Among these are e. g. in the medicinal sector
components for dialysis devices or PU foams for mattresses, too.
The high purity for the mentioned applications is assured by the manufacture and
transport in dedicated equipment and containers. Thereby, any contamination with
chemicals and/or solvent-extracted oils is excluded.
Pharmaceutical Refined Castor oil does not contain an antioxidant.

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