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Dehydrated Castor Oil

Dehydrated castor oil, also known as DCO, is a modified form of castor oil that has undergone a process called dehydration. This process involves removing water molecules from the castor oil, resulting in a product with different properties compared to regular castor oil.
The appearance of the oil is light coloured, low viscous, non-yellowing and fast drying oil. It improves the gloss, flexibility, adhesion, flow and the chemical and water resistance of the coatings. It is produced by a special process (conversion of the ricinoleic acid in 9.11 - conjugated - and 9.12 - isolated - linoleic acid).

Dehydrated castor oil is commonly used as a drying agent or a film-forming agent in various industrial applications, including the manufacturing of paints, coatings, varnishes, and inks. Its ability to form a durable film makes it useful as a binder in these applications. Additionally, dehydrated castor oil can improve the hardness, gloss, and adhesion of coatings and paints.

The dehydration process alters the chemical structure of the castor oil, resulting in a product that is less susceptible to oxidation and has improved stability compared to regular castor oil. This makes dehydrated castor oil particularly suitable for applications where long-term stability and durability are required.

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