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Dehydrated Castor oil - Stand oil

Dehydrated Castor Oil Stand Oil is a specific type of stand oil derived from castor oil through a dehydration process. Stand oil is a type of oil used in oil painting as a medium or binder. It is a thickened form of linseed oil that has been heated to the point of polymerization, resulting in a highly viscous, almost gel-like consistency.

Dehydrated castor oil stand oil is made by subjecting castor oil to a dehydration process, which removes the hydroxyl group (-OH) from the ricinoleic acid present in castor oil. This process alters the chemical structure of the oil, resulting in a product with different properties compared to regular castor oil or linseed oil.

Dehydrated castor oil stand oil is known for its unique properties, including excellent drying capabilities, increased viscosity, and high gloss finish. These properties make it a preferred medium for artists who seek a medium with specific drying characteristics and visual effects in their oil paintings. Additionally, it may offer some advantages over traditional stand oils derived from other sources, such as linseed oil, depending on the desired application and artistic preferences.

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