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Indonesian gum rosin (different species)

Tree species:
- Pinus Merkussii
- Pinus Caribaea

Indonesian gum rosin is a type of gum rosin sourced or produced in Indonesia. Gum rosin is a natural resin extracted from certain species of pine trees. In Indonesia, the most common species tapped for gum rosin production include the Sumatran pine (Pinus Merkusii) and the Indonesian pine (Pinus Caribaea).

The process of extracting gum rosin in Indonesia involves making incisions or cuts in the bark of pine trees to allow the resin to flow out. Once collected, the resin undergoes processing to remove impurities and excess moisture, resulting in the final product known as gum rosin.

Indonesian gum rosin, like gum rosin from other regions, has various industrial applications. It is used in the manufacturing of adhesives, coatings, inks, rubber, plastics, and other products. The quality and characteristics of Indonesian gum rosin may vary depending on factors such as the species of pine trees, the specific region within Indonesia, and the processing methods employed.

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