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About Rutteman

Rutteman has been in the bio-based industry for more than a century.

Established in 1922, G.C. Rutteman & Co. B.V. stands at the forefront of the international trade in renewable commodities, oleochemicals, pine-chemicals, fatty acids, and various specialty products. Our operation includes the importation, exportation, distribution, and development of renewable raw materials for a diverse range of applications across the globe. We are a primary supplier to industries including adhesives, coatings, construction, cosmetics, food, lubricants, infrastructure, inks, and paints.

A cornerstone of our ethos is the meticulous selection of our partners. Decades of experience have allowed Rutteman to cultivate an extensive network of premier manufacturers and customers. We mandate that our producers deliver the utmost quality and consistency in their products and services, coupled with competitive pricing. In addition, Rutteman boasts a worldwide network of logistic agents, ensuring a robust supply chain. Amidst market volatility and uncertainty, our proactive approach in enhancing, challenging, and evaluating our partnerships solidifies our competitive edge and ensures sustained availability of supplies. Continuity, we believe, is a key pillar in every sector of industry.

Rutteman is dedicated to the strategic expansion of its portfolio, aligning its growth with prevailing market trends and customer requirements. This relates to sourcing new materials and developing tailor-made products. With its partners, Rutteman can follow current market trends and commit to new (green) formulas.

High-quality standard

To give substance to our high quality standards we already applied for ISO certification in 1995, which was awarded to us in that year. Our constant attention to improvement is reflected perfectly by this standard.

Shift to green

Rutteman Rotterdam

Many companies are facing challenges in the climate change transition. Since the hydrocarbon chemistry will fade out over time, the demand for renewable materials is growing. Even though our portfolio fits into this challenge seamlessly, there is still a large gap of potential substitutes not developed or stands in their infancy. To contribute to this transition, Rutteman assists its customers by developing brand-new products based on renewable materials. With our network and experience, we aid companies in the complicated shift from fossil-based to sustainable and renewable chemistry. 

If you’re looking for support in this area, please contact our Sales Department and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Rutteman Rotterdam
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