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Special additives

1. Open Time Extender:

Open time refers to the duration during which a coating or adhesive remains workable or tacky after application before it begins to dry or cure.
Open time extenders are additives designed to prolong this window of workability, allowing for more time to manipulate or adjust the applied coating.
They are commonly used in applications where extended working time is necessary, such as large-scale painting projects, or in conditions where rapid drying may lead to issues like lap marks or uneven finishes.

2. Tannin-Blocking Additive:

Tannins are organic compounds found in natural materials like wood, and they can sometimes bleed through paint or coatings, causing discoloration or staining.
Tannin-blocking additives are specifically formulated to inhibit the migration of tannins to the surface of the substrate, preventing staining and ensuring a consistent appearance of the final coating.
These additives are commonly used in wood primers and paints to address the issue of tannin bleed, particularly when working with woods high in tannin content, such as cedar or redwood.

3. Hammer Finish Additive:

Hammer finish additives are used to create a distinctive textured finish that resembles the surface of hammered metal.
When added to paint or coatings, these additives produce a rugged, stippled appearance with subtle variations in texture, adding visual interest and depth to surfaces.
Hammer finish coatings are often used in decorative applications such as furniture, metalwork, or automotive parts to achieve a unique and tactile finish.
Each of these special additives serves a specific purpose in enhancing the performance, appearance, or application characteristics of coatings, paints, or adhesives, catering to different requirements and preferences in various industrial and consumer applications.

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